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We are currently working on this platform. Kindly forward to the Odyssey Apparel website.

New offer to our custom design clients!

Make an extra buck off your custom design.


To our custom design Clients.

We are currently busy developing an online platform as a child product of Odyssey Apparel for our custom design clients.

This means that if you have had us craft a custom design for you, you qualify to register as a vendor on our website, and sell your designs to the public and receive a 15% commision for every item sold.

After registerring:

Our other clients and the general public are able to browse through your designs and purchase them on our platform.

You will have YOUR OWN dashboard (and your own shop), to add your own products, at any price that you feel fit.

The platform will be very transparrent. You have the freedom to see all your monthly sales and make payouts as you choose, when you want.

We will also offer to create more product mockups of your designs and even load them for you in your unique shop, should you not have the time to do it yourself.

As previously mentioned, we are still developing this platform, but will be launching very soon!

Just another service to you from the Odyssey Apparel team.